SHIPMENTS (Translated with Google translation for information, only the CGV in French are authentic)

Depending on the destination your orders will be a replay in our florist network based on the choice of the product, and fixed costs are those determined according to the destination for mainland France, French overseas territories or 'foreign.

Shipping fees are different depending on the delivery location and are listed on the website for each common when choosing the place of delivery by the Customer.

Delivery of the order will be executed at the address indicated by the Customer in the order, the date and time range (only guaranteed for mourning or wedding ceremonies) chosen by the Customer (morning or afternoon time accurate only for religious ceremonies, see exception for flower festivals in our Terms), by delivery of the products ordered in the hands of the intended recipient in the order by the Client.

The Customer must ensure the presence of the recipient of the order, at the place indicated in the order, the date and time range indicated by the Customer in the order form.

Signing an acknowledgment of good reception by the recipient is proof of the good performance of the service by FLEURS DEUIL LYON.COM (Ste Wess-France) or the executants florist if transmitted by the network.
At a mourning (cemetery, church, temple, crematorium ...) or delivery in a public place (hospital, clinic, nursing home, retirement home, hotel, maternity, mayor ...), the the buyer must know that the delivery ticked off may not be provided to him at his request because of the difficulties encountered in these places by running florist.
Any overrun of delivery can result in damages.

Information for deliveries
No delivery on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning, they will not be taken into account.

Abroad, most florists are closed on Saturday afternoon and Sunday.
Deliveries are therefore made from Monday to Saturday noon.
On the other hand, except for the ceremonies of mourning, no time can not be guaranteed.


FLEURS DEUIL LYON.COM (Ste-Wess France) (or executants florist) contacts the recipient before delivery. In the absence of the latter at the time of delivery, the delivery leaves a notice in the recipient's mailbox. The latter will then come and collect the ordered product to the address specified on the notice of passage within a maximum period of two days.

Otherwise, if the limits are exceeded product shelf when the recipient is present, the product will not be issued and the order will nevertheless considered done.


In case of incomplete address (lack of information digital code, destination phone, etc.) or inaccurate, and resulting inability to deliver the ordered products due to the Customer, deliver (Ste Wess-France ) (or executants florist) can not be held responsible for the lack of delivery. In any case, the Customer may not claim any refund or compensation of any kind.

FLEURS DEUIL LYON.COM (Ste-Wess France) (or the florist executants) endeavor to contact the customer by email or phone to inform them of difficulties and to enable it to verify / complete with he recipient information for a new presentation of the products ordered on the same date and time range selected by the Customer and accepted by Making deliver (Ste Wess-France). The Customer is informed that this new delivery will take place in the same towns.

Customer will receive a summary email.

FLEURS DEUIL LYON.COM (Ste-Wess France) (or the florist executants) will charge the Customer the costs involved in this second presentation delivery costs appearing on the website or in the email generated.


In case of rejection by the recipient of the product ordered, it is not presented again. No refund or compensation of any nature whatsoever shall not be required by the Customer, the order is considered completed and delivered.

The Customer will be notified by email.

FLEURS DEUIL LYON.COM (Ste-Wess France) (or the florist executants) nevertheless offers the possibility to the Customer to come and collect the ordered product to the address and hours and days specified in the terms and conditions within maximum of two days. Otherwise, if the limits are exceeded product shelf when the customer is present, the product will not be issued.


See Terms


Prices relating to the control are shown on the website. FLEURS DEUIL LYON.COM (Ste-Wess France) reserves the right to change prices at any time but the products ordered are charged at prevailing prices on the Site during the recording of the order.

Product prices do not include delivery costs, which will be indicated in addition to the price including VAT if the customer chose the delivery option.

Prices are in euros (excluding corporate account displayed in HT). Orders are payable in euros.

The prices include the VAT applicable on the day of the order and any change in the VAT rate will be reflected in the prices shown.

The order review page shows the total amount of the order (price including VAT plus shipping if applicable).

Payment of the price is made to order. The transfer of ownership of the products ordered will be effective after their actual payment.

The Client has several means of payment from the following:

- By credit or store card (MasterCard, Aurore card, 4 stars, visa), indicating directly in the area provided for this purpose on the payment page the card number and expiration date and security number three digits on the back of the card,


Pursuant to Article L. 121-20-2 of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal does not apply to orders of bouquets, cut flowers or plants, as regards the supply of products made according to the specifications of the consumer and / or products which by nature can not be returned because they are likely to deteriorate or expire rapidly.
Furthermore our products are perishable and fragile no returns or exchanges will be accepted after the removal by the customer or delivery unless endorsed FLEURS DEUIL LYON.COM (Ste Wess-France).